Honeysuckle’s Sunshine

by Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss L.Ac.

May is the beginning of summer and the Fire Phase as the month moves us into the summer solstice.  Here in the Triangle area of North Carolina, the honeysuckle vine has been in bloom for over a week, marking its appearance in backyards, trails, and on the sides of the road.  It’s considered an invasive species as it’s resilience to grow quickly and climb up and take over a small tree can suffocate its host.  In Chinese medicine, it is a very common and popular herb for fevers and clearing Heat.

This year, I woke up one morning in the middle of May and decided I would make a flower essence from this luxuriously divine-smelling flower.  I google its significance, as flower essences are for emotional support:  Letting go of re-living past hurts.   As I had been feeling and reflecting on a particularly deep soul wound, I felt this was a sign for me to garner some more support.

As I stood on a log to reach the flowers on a vine that were about 8 feet high, this poem started composing itself as I, with gratitude, picked each open flower and placed it in a glass bowl.

Strong vine

Divine scent

Reaching always for the light

You, honeysuckle, have anchored yourself on cedar,

your scents mingling as I pick your flowers.

Joy, Grief, Joy, Grief

Joy in gratitude for such a wondrous plant

Grief for feeling the pain of suffering

Joy for your capacity to help us let go of re-living past hurts.

Grief…not as much at this moment of our communion.

Fever, in the morning, fever all through the night

Sings in my head as I pick you.

The Sun shines on my face today,

I am with Mother Nature, productive and relaxed

I’ve come through from the deep inner reflections and gloom of yesterday.

Today, is another day.

May you find joy and release in your communion with Mother Nature.

More 2022 Plant poetry to come.  For more poetry from Nature and the Chinese Five Elements from Li-Lan in 2021: Sacredness of Cycles & Nature

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