Oswaldo Mora “Embracing the path of a spiritual teacher and shaman”

  • Spirit Energy Healer & coach

  • Spanish-English wedding ceremonies

  • House clearing

Oswaldo Mora, a seeker of deep wisdom and inner truth, has dedicated more than 25 years to the relentless exploration of human consciousness and spirituality. As a distinguished spiritual teacher and devout shaman, Oswaldo Mora has embarked on an extraordinary journey, guiding others toward self-discovery and enlightenment.

Early life and awakening:  Born in July 1969 in Cuenca Ecuador Oswaldo Mora exhibited an innate curiosity about the mysteries of existence and especially a great concern towards the meaning of numbers from an early age. Growing up surrounded by the wonders of nature, he felt an unspoken connection to the universe and the invisible realms. This connection laid the foundation for his spiritual journey. Educational activities:

Throughout his journey, Oswaldo Mora pursued a variety of disciplines, seeking to understand the various aspects of consciousness. His quest for knowledge extended beyond the confines of formal education, as Oswaldo Mora delved into both Andean and Hawaiian esoteric and ancient shamanic wisdom traditions, Oswaldo Mora embarked on an introspective pilgrimage to the realms of shamanism. Guided by the whisperings of spirits and the teachings of ancient traditions, he embraced the shamanic path to access deep healing, transformation, and transcendence.

Shamanic Initiation:  Through arduous initiations and transformative experiences, Oswaldo Mora underwent a profound spiritual metamorphosis. He became attuned to the interconnectedness of all living things and the subtle energies that weave the tapestry of existence. These experiences equipped him with unique insights and healing skills, enriching his teachings as a spiritual teacher.

Teaching and healing: With the amalgamation of his spiritual wisdom, academic expertise, and shamanic practices, Oswaldo Mora crafted a transformative approach to teaching and healing. He offers workshops, seminars, and retreats that invite participants to explore the depths of their consciousness, embrace their inner truths, and connect with the sacred rhythms of nature.

The Way of the Spiritual Teacher:  Inspired by his insatiable hunger for spiritual knowledge and understanding, Oswaldo Mora embraced the role of a spiritual teacher. He found his purpose in guiding anxious minds toward unlocking their inner potential and exploring the depths of human consciousness. Oswaldo Mora joined Unity Church and became a respected figure in the field of the “12 Powers of Man” shaping the minds of future seekers and spiritual

Since August 2020, Oswaldo has offered Spirit Energy Healing sessions at Armonia Health LLC, these are sessions that include spiritual coaching based on each person’s individual belief and your numerology; the energetic part of the session is lying down face-up clothed.  In his sessions, he releases lower frequencies that are contributing to the manifestation of adverse patterns (energy blockages), thus allowing the person’s higher frequencies to have more space to take hold.  This is a universal technique with all energy-based modalities like acupuncture and Qi healing.

He is occasionally accompanied by Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss during the session upon request.   He believes in the power of community to hold accountable, be, and support our Light within.

You are welcome to a consultation with him for what you are looking for support with, contact him at 919-923-6447   oswaldomora (@) att.net