How do you motivate your movement routine?

posted by Li-Lan Hui-Chun L.Ac.and inspired by Natasha’s Virgo season email September is the month of Virgo, a grounded Earth sign but one that could be too preoccupied with minute details; Virgo rules the Sixth House, the house of daily … Continue reading

Antiviral & Respiratory Herbal Formulas

by Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss, Licensed Acupuncturist NC #355 on 11/23/22 Antiviral and respiratory herbal formulas is the first chapter of an extensive compendium of single herbs and specific formulas that may date back hundreds of years that a Master’s in … Continue reading

Synergy & Embodiment of Yin and Yang

written by Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss, Licensed Acupuncturist You’ve all seen the Yin Yang Symbol: ancient circular symbol of duality, interdependence, and change.  It is a symbol that is meant to be a way of creating/understanding order and also about moving … Continue reading

Chinese Five Element Senses

Written by Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss L.Ac. September 15, 2020 Graphic by Paget Fink of Paget Fink Designs   “Deep relaxation and listening for the Water element, guided visualization for the Wood element, taste and connection to the Heart for the Fire … Continue reading

Lo que hacen nuestros terapistas para protegerse y tratar condiciones virales respiratorias

Compilado por los terapistas de Armonia Health LLC La siguiente información se basa en lo que los terapistas de Armonia Health LLC hacen por sí mismos, su pareja y para sus hijos, se basa en sus estudios profesionales, experiencia clinica, … Continue reading

What our practitioners do for themselves to protect from & treat common viral respiratory conditions

Compiled by Armonia Health LLC practitioners Disclaimer:  The following information is based on what Armonia Health LLC practitioners do for themselves, their spouse, and their children, it is based on their professional Chinese medicine training, recommendations from trained herbalists, naturopaths, … Continue reading