Massage & Bodywork

Massage and bodywork therapy compliments a holistic approach to self care and healthcare.  Massage therapy offers benefits ranging from acute & chronic pain relief to deep relaxation and stress relief.  It is also a way to increase body awareness.  At Armonia Health LLC, bodywork and acupuncture are a good compliment to each other for addressing physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual (if the person so desires) well being. 

Some of the styles practiced at Armonia Health LLC and what they can address are:

Swedish Massage  improves circulation using long, fluid strokes with light to medium pressure.  This style is great for overall relaxation, reducing muscle fatigue, improving nervous system function and providing an overall sense of well-being.  Client will undress to comfort level and an oil or lotion will be applied to the skin.

Reflexology and Acupressure are used by applying rhythmic pressure to specific points on the body.  Reflexology focuses more on the hands/feet/head/face and ears where acupressure may be applied to all areas of the body.  This technique is used to help address more specific complaints, stimulate organ energy and promote movement of Qi throughout the body.

Cupping Therapy uses negative pressure by lifting the tissue and fascia using durable plastic suction cups.  This process increases circulation, helps break areas of chronic tightness and aids your system’s ability to eliminate toxins and move stagnant blood from the body.  This is a great tool for those who enjoy the benefits of Deep Tissue massage.  For more information on cupping, we have a blog post Cupping Therapy / Ventosas

Lymphatic Massage uses a very light touch.  By applying gentle, rhythmic pressure, this massage style aids in the movement of lymphatic fluid throughout the body.  By working this way, Lymphatic massage has been known to increase immune system function, eliminate toxins, reduce pre and post-surgery edema (or edema in general) , help reduce chronic inflammation.  Clients leave a lymphatic session feeling a sense of ‘lightness’ in the body and more fluidity. Facial lymph massage can be very helpful for those suffering from sinus congestion, pressure in the head and eyes, ear aches and more!

CranioSacral Therapy is a very gentle non-invasive form of bodywork. During a CST session, the client remains clothed in loose, comfortable clothing.  With gentle placement of the the hands on the head, neck, pelvis and sacrum, the therapist helps to release restrictions in the central nervous system and help regulate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid.  This type of work is extremely calming for the nervous system which in turn can help to ease many discomforts including but not limited to: headaches, TMJ dysfunction, insomnia, general aches & tension, stress & anxiety, depression.  Clients have also reported experiencing improved mental focus, improvement of memory, a better sense of overall well-being and better sleep.

Fascial Connection is a massage therapy that focuses on structural and energetic balance.  This technique examines how each body system affects the rest of the body. Additionally, important to maintaining the body’s balance is emotional and mental well being. These aspects can also be addressed as a purpose of the session. More specifically, fascial massage assesses the body for quality and freedom of movement, noticing where restrictions are found. Release of the restrictions is achieved by techniques including holding, compression, slow stretch, passive movement of joints and gentle rocking.  Fascial massage uses manual pressure that ranges from ‘barely there’ to ‘deep’ but still within ‘hurts good’ range. The pressure used depends on the severity and chronicity of the imbalance. The technique can be administered clothes on or off depending on the client’s preference. It is extremely relaxing. Depending on the receiver’s ability to let go, the technique can lead to an altered state experience.  The depth of connection with each receiver depends upon the receiver’s energetic state, body awareness and emotional self-perception.

Deep Tissue Massage is a form of bodywork that aims to relieve tension in the deeper layers of tissue in the body. Deep Tissue Massage is a highly effective method for releasing chronic stress areas due to misalignment, repetitive motions, and past lingering injuries. Due to the nature of the deep tissue work, open communication during the session is crucial to make sure you don’t get too uncomfortable.

Taoist Neuro-Energetic Therapy  From the hospitals of China, this Clinical Qi Gong technique uses acupressure points in a deep and powerful way. The therapist’s work is to create a healing atmosphere for healing to unfold, and also stimulate the nervous system with this energy through the points along the spine and abdomen.  Client may remain fully clothed for this style.  This technique is recommended for nervous system neuropathy, poor circulation, organ dysfunction, emotional/mental traumas, and feeling “stuck” in one’s life.

Tui Na is Chinese medical massage that uses manual techniques like rolling, brushing, pulling, kneading on the 12 acupuncture channels of the body to address acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems and to affect changes in the organ systems.