Rates & Intake Forms

Current session rates, payable in cash, check, credit card, health savings plan cards,Venmo, CashApp to Armonía Health LLC or to the respective practitioner (s) upon service.  Check with the practitioner of their payment options.

Acupuncture, abdominal therapy, energy healing & combo sessions with Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss L.Ac.:

  • Initial Chinese medicine and Abdominal therapy consultation & session: $150
  • Follow up acupuncture and abdominal therapy session:  $120
  • Massage and acupuncture combo (2 practitioners) for musculoskeletal / pain: $130
  • Massage and energy healing/acupuncture combo for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual well-being  (Elemental Session): $140

Contact Li-Lan for a complimentary consultation to determine which of the above therapies to best start with or details of each particular therapy or contact the massage therapist directly you’d like to see.

Massage & Bodywork sessions with Diana Den Beste LMBT:  $100 for 90 minutes

Massage & Bodywork sessions with Channa Pickett LMBT:

  • $80 for Initial Consult and massage 90 minutes
  • $80 for Follow Up 60 minutes (Swedish / Deep Tissue Massage / Cupping / Guasha / Tui Na)
  • $100 for Follow Up 90 minutes (Swedish / Deep Tissue Massage / Cupping / Guasha / Tui Na)
  • $70 for Add on Massage with Acupuncture (for established clients)

Massage, Bodywork, and Energy Healing with Arthur-Link Freeman LMBT:

  • Initial session $90 for up to 90 minutes
  • $100 for follow up 90 minute session
  • $50-$75 for Ba Zi, Western Astrology, I-Ching readings, Spiritual Guidance sessions, join the Spirit World Meetup group for his teachings on zoom
  • $140 Elemental combo sessions with Li-Lan for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being (includes acupuncture/energy healing and bodywork).  Particular readings may be recommended to enhance the session.

Spirit Energy Healing and spiritual coaching sessions with Oswaldo Mora, 

  • 90-105 minutes in person healing sessions:   $165
  • Phone/Zoom coaching:  $35/session

Individualized Movement and Exercise Classes with Natasha McCurley:

  • $90 initial, $70 follow up, includes video recording/handout of movement exercises shown
  • Contact Natasha to find out when she has her small group pelvic floor, core, and strength training classes.


Cancellation policy: We have a cancellation policy of 48 hours before the appointment and it can be waved if you don’t feel well before your appointment.  We always appreciated an email or phone message as soon as possible to change your appointment.  Please contact your individual therapist for any appointment changes or the Armonia Health cell during business hours (Mon-Thurs)  919-809-0576.

Intake forms in English:  All intake forms must be completed and returned to your therapist before your appointment date.

Initial acupuncture & consultation

Massage consent form (for Diana and Channa)

Massage intake form (for Diana and Channa)

Abdominal (formerly Arvigo) & Chinese Medicine Intake Form Female

Abdominal (formerly Arvigo) & Chinese Medicine Intake Form Male