Message from Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss L.Ac. founder/steward:

As of mid September 2022, face masks are optional though most clients and practitioners are choosing to wear them inside the clinic.  We appreciate and thank everyone’s consideration and mindfulness around the reality of viral infections.  Look for classes, events, and workshops (mostly in-person) this fall and winter that provide both a respite as well as continued learning and community interaction.  Visit our updated page of Workshops

Our newsletter, sent by Li-Lan twice per month, keeps our community up to date with our practitioner offerings as well as in-person events.  You can find our independent practitioners’ contact information on our Contact Us.

Please reschedule your appointment if you or anyone in your household has viral symptoms.  Here is What to Expect at your in-person session.

Estamos abiertos para citas privadas de acupuntura, masaje corporal y abdominal, sanacion energetica espiritual y sesiones de coaching para la salud fisica, emocional/mental y espiritual. Seguimos con consultas herbales por telefono con Li-Lan

Llama/Textea/what’s app al celular (919) 809-0576 para citas e informes o directamente al terapista.

Continuamos con los protocolos para limpieza y seguimos recomendando el uso de mascarillas. Aprenda Que Puede Esperar en su proxima cita antes de llegar la primera vez.  Si usted o alguien en su familia tiene sintomas de un virus, por favor cancele su cita. Gracias!


Armonía Health LLC offers therapies that integrate body, mind, and spirit for holistic well-being.  Our independent practitioners are licensed in their respective professions and/or modalities. Our current offerings are: individual acupuncture, Chinese herbal consultationsabdominal therapy, energy & spiritual healing, therapeutic massage, and private pelvic/postural movementm, Qi Gong instruction and spiritual guidance readings. We honor each person’s individual journey and help empower clients to make proactive lifestyle choices. 

Our vision is to provide compassionate, professional Chinese medicine, therapeutic massage, self-discovery and energy healing services in an inclusive setting that respects social, cultural, religious, and gender ­­­views.  

We are the first acupuncture and holistic health practice in our area with a licensed Spanish-speaking acupuncturist since 2005 and we work towards an integrative approach of offering bilingual services.  At Armonia Health LLC we use a patient-centered and team approach to care when possible.  Our bilingual therapists include massage and movement therapist. 

Our values include Service to our community, Integrity in our services, Respect for each individual that enters our door, Community-Oriented in our approach to care, Education as the way to open up opportunities of understanding, Gratitude as a way of life. 

We offer carefully selected courses and events that reflect the connection between our body, mind, emotions, and lifestyle and are mostly led by our practitioners.  Our courses are based on traditional knowledge, spirituality, as well as modern research .  Current workshops and classes open for registration are listed on our MindBodyOnline page, as well as on the side widget to the right of this page.  

We are here to support our community and invite you to step forward boldly to heal your body, mind, and spirit!  We hope you will stay in touch with us through our newsletter that is sent around the New and Full moons each month and contain our latest blog posts, event updates, and special offers.