How do you motivate your movement routine?

posted by Li-Lan Hui-Chun L.Ac.and inspired by Natasha’s Virgo season email September is the month of Virgo, a grounded Earth sign but one that could be too preoccupied with minute details; Virgo rules the Sixth House, the house of daily … Continue reading

Inspirations for the Heart

During the Month of February, our in-person events brought people together for both learning and self-reflection.   There is a thread that unites them all:  love, compassion, heart matters, creativity, and moving past mind’s obstacles.  Check out the workshops hosted by … Continue reading

Sacredness of Cycles & Nature

by Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss L.Ac. Past blog posts have focused on the Chinese Five Phases, self care tools, integrative approach to pain…and the underlying message of all of these resources is the capacity, complexity, and creativity of the human experience.  … Continue reading