Energy Healing

Energy healing is a broad term to describe the connection of the giver and receiver to Universal Life Force or Qi in Chinese.  With energy healing, both hands are placed over or above different parts of the body, like neck, abdomen, feet, or low back for a few minutes.  The receiver is fully clothed and is lying down or sitting.

Li-Lan offers Womb healing and Womb blessing energy attunements.

Oswaldo Mora offers Spirit Energy Healing.

Arthur “Link” offers Taoist Neuro-Energetic Therapy.

Reiki is a Japanese word that means Universal Life Force. It is a gentle, yet powerful, hands-on healing method with ancient roots.

Taoist Neuro-Energetic Therapy  From the hospitals of China, this Clinical Qi Gong technique uses acupressure points in a deep and powerful way. The therapist’s work is to create a healing atmosphere for healing to unfold, and also stimulate the nervous system with this energy through the points along the spine and abdomen.  Client may remain fully clothed for this style.  This technique is recommended for nervous system neuropathy, poor circulation, organ dysfunction, emotional/mental traumas, and feeling “stuck” in one’s life.thelotus

In 2015, Li-Lan attended the Level 1 Moon Mother and Womb Blessing training with author, energy healer and artist Miranda Gray from the UK to receive the Womb Blessing attunement.  Li-Lan transmits the Womb Blessing to women as well as the Womb Healing technique.

The Womb Blessing is a transformative experience which initiates deep spiritual changes and connections in a woman’s life.  The Womb Blessing consists of the Womb Blessing meditation as preparation, energetic connections to the main energy centers of the receiver’s body, and the Womb Bowls.  It results in energy integration and healing of the four female archetypes during the month after the Blessing.

The Womb Healing is a supportive experience, designed to replenish energy levels and gently clear blocks in aspects of the four archetypes already present in the woman’s life.  The healing helps to create a balanced and harmonious flow of energy through five energy centers in the lower abdomen and of the archetypes.  The Womb Healing is usually incorporated into an Arvigo® session. It can be very enlightening to the receiving woman to reflect on the different sensations at each energy centers that align with the specific archetype; it is a way that the woman’s body “speaks” to her consciously what is already true and what may need more support.

Li-Lan holds small women’s gatherings coinciding with the free Worldwide Womb Blessing hosted by Miranda Gray and the worldwide Moon Mothers near the full moon.  These can be held up to five times per year in Durham, NC or elsewhere. Visit the following link for more information on this free blessing and meditation Worldwide Womb Blessing Invitation and contact Li-Lan if you are interested in attending one of these Womb Blessing meditation group.