Revitalizing Botanical Bodycare

As a trained Alywillow Independent Specialist, I am excited to share the wonderful world of Alywillow products! I can help you choose the best products for your skin and hair care needs – eczema, psoriasis, cystic acne, dry skin, itchy skin, scars, fine lines, hair loss and more.

Our skin is the first line of defense against germs and viruses and it absorbs whatever we put on it, so we need to look carefully at the ingredients in our bodycare products.

Alywillow products have vitamins A through E, so every time you wash or moisturize, you are getting vital nutrients. Alywillow products are vegan and made without any synthetic chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colors. There are no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no paraffin, no gluten, no propylene glycol, no alcohol, no mineral oil, no DEA, no DEET, no animal testing, and no other artificial ingredients. Plus, their products smell amazing!

There are so many reasons to love Alywillow. Read my blog about four of my favorite things about Alywillow.

Explore the products and order online through my page or schedule a time to come by Armonia Health and pick up any of the items we regularly stock. Text, email or call me to schedule a time or to learn more about how Alywillow products can help you. Channa Pickett ~ 919.323.0535 ~ channa (at)