Channa (Sumati) Pickett

Massage Therapist

I came to massage after 10 years of running education programs that worked with Latino families and public school teachers in Durham. In 2018, I experienced the powerful healing effects of massage and acupuncture at Armonía Health. Wanting to approach challenges I saw in the community in new ways and continue my personal health journey, I embarked on a bold lifestyle change. In 2019, I graduated from Carolina Massage Institute in Hillsborough, North Carolina (NC LMBT# 18823). My goal is to get a Diploma in Acupuncture. In August 2025, I will graduate from the masters-level program at Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine.

Massage is often thought of as a luxury service, but I believe it is an essential part of keeping a body working its best. I typically see clients who have pain and tension from demanding jobs and family life.

I blend different therapeutic techniques with relaxation massage. Depending on the needs of the client, I may use Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, cupping therapy, gua sha, and Tui Na (Chinese massage) to promote relaxation, manage stress and pain, and increase mobility. All these techniques are included in the price of the service.

I believe the integration of massage, acupuncture, movement therapy, and energy work is transformative, and I value the opportunity to work with the practitioners at Armonía Health to provide the best possible client care.