Channa Pickett, Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist


Channa comes to the healing arts practices after 15 years of working in the non-profit and small business sectors. Wanting to approach challenges she saw in the community in new ways, she embarked on a bold lifestyle change. Channa graduated from Carolina Massage Institute in Hillsborough, North Carolina, becoming licensed in massage and bodywork therapy.

She offers Swedish massage and deep tissue massage to promote relaxation, manage stress and pain, and increase mobility. Channa believes the integration of massage and acupuncture is transformative. She values the opportunity to work with the practitioners at Armonia to provide the best possible client care.

Channa’s broad and varied education and work experience provides an understanding of the real-world challenges her clients face in their everyday lives. Channa knows well the effects of chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD in herself and her close friends and relatives. She has experienced and witnessed profound healing from massage, acupuncture, and other modalities.

Her approach is deeply rooted in the belief that the body can heal given the correct support. She has been told her intuitive nature provides a level of awareness her clients need that leads to release and healing.

One of her key principles is the commitment to partnership with each client. She works thoughtfully and thoroughly to develop a treatment plan with the client and incorporates different approaches based on the client’s unique needs. Channa takes the time to understand the client’s needs and delivers custom treatment, including useful resources and explanations of body systems. Her clients leave the session not only feeling better but also feeling empowered to address their needs between sessions.

Channa is proficient in Spanish. While at Duke she led Durham Public School teachers in an immersion program in Mexico, Guatemala, and Ecuador. She regularly visits her husband’s family in Colombia.

Channa is from Durham but lived in southwest Virginia as a child. She attended Durham Technical Community College for two years before transferring to Duke University and completing her degree in Environmental Science and Policy (2005). She managed a branch office of an environmental consulting company before returning to her Durham roots and joining the Duke Office of Durham & Community Affairs in October 2008.

Channa worked for ten years as a Senior Program Coordinator for Duke University. She helped launch and run a school-based program that worked to improve school and community services for Spanish-speaking families. She worked with public school teachers and administrators to build better relationships with Latino students and families. Channa managed a grantmaking program that invested hundreds of thousands of dollars from Duke employees into Triangle non-profits. Channa is very proud of the work she did with colleagues and community members while at Duke.

These experiences led Channa to value meaningful relationships. She has worked with people with all types of life experiences, and she respects and appreciates what each person offers.

Channa loves supporting people on their health journey, providing education, encouragement, accountability, problem-solving, and affirmation.