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To schedule your appointment with Li-Lan, Channa, Diana or for general inquiries, please call/text/what’s app Monica on the Armonia Health cell phone (919) 809-0576.  She would be happy to assist you.

Already booked your appointment? Learn What to Expect at your Armonía Health LLC appointment. Contact your practitioner directly for scheduling, questions, and upon arrival for your appointment.  You should receive an automatic appointment confirmation email and a reminder 2 days prior to your appointment with the contact  numbers of the practitioners for when you arrive.

¿Ya tiene su cita? Sepa Que Puede Esperar en su cita de Armonía Health LLC. Llame/what’s app/textea al celular de Armonia Health (919) 809-0576 para mayor informacion con Monica y para hacer citas con Li-Lan, Channa y Diana.


Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss
(919) 251-9698  (telefono de linea, NO es celular)
Diana den Beste
(402) 679-9651

Arthur (Link) Freeman
(808) 343-4838

Channa Pickett
(919) 323-0535

Oswaldo Mora                                                                                                                                (919) 923-6447                                                                                                                            oswaldomora(at)

Natasha McCurley                                                                                                                  (919) 334-8300                                                                                                                    tierra9 (at)