Synergy & Embodiment of Yin and Yang

written by Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss, Licensed Acupuncturist

You’ve all seen the Yin Yang Symbol: ancient circular symbol of duality, interdependence, and change.  It is a symbol that is meant to be a way of creating/understanding order and also about moving out of duality, the second part of this sentence is where I am cultivating currently and I find myself speaking in ways that are still ingrained in gender duality and I am holding myself accountable for this as I interact with others.

On an energetic level when I’m with a client, I don’t make those distinctions. When I feel the belly, sense emotion in certain areas, connect to messages that come, feel the pulse, I am in the “breathe, sense, feel” mode, fully present.  It’s a very comfortable environment that I move in (thanks to these 15 years of being in professional practice and personal cultivation) as it’s very different from my mind chatter when I am solving administrative issues, coordinating between practitioners, responding to emails, and teaching through information.

As I find great joy in teaching and bringing a group together, Tones for your Bones virtually has been an outlet the past few months of sharing the wisdom of Chinese philosophy AND for me to stay practicing Qi Gong and mindfulness.  The last six week series I geared towards empaths, sensitives, and energy workers without a clear intention of why other than I am one myself and wanted to use the Five Element framework to delve into the pleasure of our senses.  More reasons became clear as the series progressed and the group came together…

From an earlier blog post Chinese Five Element Senses, I expressed that this sudden change worldwide way of doing things in 2020 shifted me into a state of slowing down, listening, and being in mystery, thus Tones for your Bones moved from a information-based virtual class earlier this year into being more in the present moment to allow me to be more fluid in what acupressure points, meditations, and intentions to use during the practice while still keeping to the framework.  This way of working has allowed Alex to find more flexibility in the music that he brings forth in Tones for your Bones as we continue to collaborate.  So this way of teaching mimics the Yang of excess (fast pace, information heavy, doing, action) moving into Yin (slower, intuitive, senses, being, waiting) and eventually…nonduality.

These two youtube TED talk videos I watched back to back this autumn equinox week and provide inspiration as they embody this Yin Yang play.  I see both aspects of what they speak of that I bring into Tones for your Bones and would like to continue to bring it into my practice more clearly.  I also see and intend Armonia Health LLC opening to assist, through its practitioners and services, to a wider scope of this Yin Yang play we call Life.

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A new series facilitated by Li-Lan using Tones for your Bones Live practices will start on Monday October 19, stay tuned for more details!

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