Our Integrative Treatment of Chronic Menstrual Pain

Gynecological conditions require treating the whole woman, taking into account her emotions, the situations in her life, the phase of life she is in, her physical state of health, her mental state, the stressors in her life, how much motivation she has to improve and heal her condition and all the details of her symptoms. That is why we provide an integrative treatment to care and to take into account all these aspects of a woman, it takes time. The therapist inquires about many aspects of the woman and she herself needs to be able to communicate freely at the same time. Does this sound like being in an intimate relationship?    Because it is.   

Here I share the story of one of the women who came first with me, Li-Lan, and has taken advantage of the resources we offer at Armonia Health LLC over the past two years. She is Hispanic and I thank her for telling us her story:

My first sessions when I first met Li Lan were to treat my anxiety because having just arrived in this country everything was new and the lifestyle was very different. I also faced the diagnosis of multiple fibroids to which I was proposed a hysterectomy in my country, a solution too extreme at my age of 28 years, which led me to look for other alternatives. The symptom that worried me about my fibroids was throbbing pain that hit me in the lower pelvis beginning one or two weeks before my period, those pains were so strong, though momentary, that they made me bend in pain and I had to stop my activities until the pain would pass. I needed to take very strong prescription painkillers during my menstruation so I could go to work.

When I came to the US I was worried that I would not find someone suitable to treat my fibroids in a natural way. A short time later I met Li Lan and I felt very happy to meet her and I still am, I loved that she spoke Spanish and realized the great human being that she is. She recommended me to receive acupuncture sessions and Dr. Rosita Arvigo’s Mayan abdominal massage, both of which I did not know much about.

I felt that the Arvigo® abdominal massage would have a direct impact on my reproductive organs since one of its focuses is the womb. As part of my treatment I have maintained my Arvigo massage sessions once a month and it has been two years since I started. I have come to acupuncture when I experience allergies, mainly during the winter and spring months, and I have also treated my left shoulder and arm, because when I am very stressed, I unconsciously sleep with my fist closed and tensed during the whole night which causes me pain the next day. I have taken herbal formulas regularly for a year and a half for my fibroids. Li-Lan has taught me the Arvigo abdominal massage to do it myself along with the use of topical castor oil to soften the fibroids and she also suggested trying the pelvic steams.

Another recommendation that Li Lan made was for me to modify my diet: remove dairy products and cow’s milk products, which has not been easy. She explained to me that dairy products produce phlegm and contribute to the congestion of the reproductive, digestive and respiratory organs. I have noticed a better functioning of my body to have replaced cow’s milk with almond milk, to integrate more vegetables, to pay attention to the consumption of bread and flour and in general to balance what I eat. With these dietary changes, I have noticed better digestion: less bloating of my abdomen, less constipation and less phlegm when I catch a cold.

I also took coaching sessions to help me get better organized and be consistent with taking supplements and herbal formulas. Raquel gave me several techniques to remind myself of taking my herbs and supplements, and I noticed I could easily implement them. I also received Reiki with Raquel, it was a unique and different experience to be able to feel the flow of energy in my body and my mood changed immediately after the session: if I arrived sad, I felt more cheerful or if I felt depressed, I left with more energy .

Over time I discovered the changes in my body, one of the symptoms that disappeared were those stabbing pains that I had in my womb area one or two weeks before my menstruation and in recent months I have noticed that just a relaxing body massage with Jess days before my menstruation has helped my menstruation to flow red within a few hours and not brown and dry for the first 24 hours and with less pain the first day. Li-Lan has explained to me that everything I have done for myself: eating healthier, using herbal formulas, coming to the sessions and paying more attention to my body and thoughts have resulted in healing not only menstrual cramps, but also harmonized my body, mind and emotions.

Today, having a more tranquil lifestyle, I have been very alert of all the changes that are in my body and of each sensation, which I did not have before because I lived such a hurried lifestyle that I was not aware of how I was eating or how my body was reacting to what I ate.  I have learned to listen more to my body and to know how it reacts when I have anxiety, anger, worry, rage or any other feeling that does not do me good. I have learned to discern which foods I do not like and which ones help my body a lot. One result of all these dietary changes and lifestyle has been weight loss, although it was not my main motivation to go to these natural therapies.

I liked taking several of the workshops at Armonia Health LLC in which I learned a lot about the female body and about my body. An example is the book club of Chinese medicine in Spanish where we read the book by Dr. Xiaolan Zhao Traditional Chinese Medicine for Women. Through the book and the discussions, I have realized how a negative opinion at the cultural and family level towards the changes and natural stages of a woman’s life can affect one’s body and psyche.

I am very grateful to be able to find Li-Lan and what he has created at Armonia Health LLC. It is a great contribution to the Hispanic community and the community in general.

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