Intro to the Chinese Five Elements

The Chinese Daoist Five Elements are based on thousands of years of observations of nature, its relationships, and the human body and spirit.  They form one of the foundations of Chinese medicine, which include acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulas, Qi Gong … Continue reading

Chinese Five Element Personality Types

  This is part of a series of blog posts by Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss L.Ac. on the practical uses of the Chinese Daoist Five Elements and how they can be used as a fun and insightful way for self-reflection.  You … Continue reading

Earth Path – The Center of our Physical Existence

  Rice fields at the base of the Himalayan Mountains in Central Nepal, Li-Lan and Alex’s 3-week trek to close to 17,000 feet on the Manaslu trail in 2011   written and compiled by Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss L.Ac. updated 7/21/21 … Continue reading