2019 Chinese New Year Forecast

excerpt from Lillian Bridges’ Year of the Pig Predictions               

February 5, 2019 marked the start of the Chinese Year of the Brown Pig.  This is a Yin Earth year with the Yin Water of the Pig below, which means both the influences of the Earth and the Water elements will be seen.  The combination of Earth and Water create mud,, which could be literal as well as meaning a propensity to “muddled” thinking. 

                The Pig is the last animal of the Chinese 12 animal system, which means long term projects, ongoing investigations, and delayed lawsuits will be finalized.  There will be an energy of completion and an ending of things that can’t continue for another cycle.  Pigs are usually peaceful animals and symbolize the value of family, friends, home, and good food.

                The character for pig in Chinese is a roof with a pig under it!  This is because the pig in many cultures and countries bring wealth and nourishment as the meat, fat, and organs of a pig are very rich and high in calories and fat and a little goes a long way!

                A Yin Water year means steady rain over a long period of time, which will be great for the agriculture, biodynamic, and the organic farming industry.  Family restaurants and Farm to Table projects will do well.  Grass that feeds free rang and migrating animals will benefit from the steady rain.  On the other hand, mudslides, erosion, and flooding of streams, lakes, and coastal regions may be prominent.  It is a good year to prepare the home and foundation so it is less affected by moving earth and water. 

                Overall this is a good year for business because both the Earth and Water elements feed the Wood element of growth that businesses run on.  The more contained energy of the Pig explains the Chinese saying, “Businesses should plan in the Pig year and launch new projects and expand in the Rat year (2020)”.  Home building, publishing, environmental/ecology industries and businesses based on natural sciences should all have good years.  Earth businesses like real estate and all businesses involving food will get a boost.  Beauty products and spa treatments using mud, clay, seaweed and stones will be very popular.  Partnerships and business working together and joining forces will become stronger and gain mutual benefit.  It is a good year for programs that benefit children, women, LGBT, and the disenfranchised.

                With the rising power of the feminine, in a Yin year it is important to find strength in a Yin way, not in a confrontational Yang way, particularly for women.  So compassionate listening, non-violent communication, understanding of the “other” will be mutually beneficial.  The skills given by talk therapists, mindfulness practices, and mediation will reach a wide audience. There will also be an expectation for men to express more of their Yin nature. Men need to be brave enough to start exploring their inner selves and bring forward more Yin actions, like compassion. This is a year of focusing on family, friends and community.

                Food and lifestyle recommendations:

1) Eat more cooked foods instead of too much raw

2)  Fruits, root vegetables, and complex carbohydrates in balanced quantities will be nourishing

3) Sweet foods in small portions will be popular, so weight gain is to be expected, but it will be gradual

4)  Light exercise is beneficial for Yin Earth year:  rebounding, Shaking Qi gong, stretching, yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and frequent strolls.

5)  Moving lymph is important as there will be a propensity for dampness, so saunas, castor oil packs, lymphatic massage will be helpful.

6)  Earth element connects to the Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas, so take care of the digestive organs by eating regular meals, take care to not overeat, focus on soups and stews, consider abdominal massage and learning self-care techniques for the digestive system. 

7) Water element connects to the Kidneys and Bladder, so these organs may also need more attention, with possibilities of small kidney stones.

                On a spiritual level, consider grounding yourself in your home space, your body, your community.  It is a good year to face ones fears and clear ancestral energy that had merit in their lifetime but is no longer useful.  One can do this physically by working with the lymphatic system, emotionally and mentally through meditation, silent retreats, and reflective activities and workshops.  The baggage that one is carrying physically, emotionally, and spiritually can be understood by practicing clear discernment.  This is all done in the year of the pig in a relaxed and pleasurable manner, so don’t worry, Be Happy! =)

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