Entre Dos Mundos/Between Two Worlds

by Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss L.Ac.

Being born in Taiwan, raised in Central America, and living most of my life now in the United States, I can easily relate to having influences from various cultures that enhance and sometimes conflict with one another.  My own path of acceptance has come to embrace the influences that benefit me regardless of what culture it comes from and releasing those that are meant to oppress, belittle, judge, or shame me.

Raquel Dominguez, our Co-Active coach and Reiki practitioner, led Armonia Health LLC’s first and second Entre Dos Mundos/Between Two Worlds workshop to allow women from various countries in Latin American to come together in a safe space to share and create.  This workshop is also open to non-native Spanish speakers as in the USA, most are immigrants and you have a story to share.

I was excited to participate in the first Entre Dos Mundos. What amazed me were the stories shared, the challenges faced, the blessings, the communities of support…all important facets of a woman’s life.

The photo above was my creation honoring my father’s family in Taiwan, we had gotten together for Chinese New Year and the house he grew up in.  I had not seen my family in Taiwan for 14 years.  At the top is a clock with wings, to which I wrote my reflection: “Time flies, Time is an Angel”; it’s been 21 years since I came to the USA all by myself. On the bottom right is “The Future” with a question mark.

Here is Raquel’s write up of the first workshop, the next one is Saturday October 14, 2017 from 10-12 noon $20 includes snacks and materials.  The workshop is led in Spanish with English translation.  To register call us at the office 919-251-9698:

“On June 10 we had my first Workshop “Entre dos Mundos” at Armonia Health LLC.  This workshop allowed people to come together and share their migration stories. Women from different countries, ages and background participated. The workshop follows a free association and expression model where participants use different materials and photographs to show and tell their stories and explaining the reason for choosing each element. At the end most participants expressed that this workshop gave them the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and feelings. They placed a great value for the space conductive to conversation offered to them. And from time to time, you could see heads nodding and smiles every time someone identified with a similar experience or feeling creating a sense of connection in the room.”

You can read about Raquel and  Co-Active Coaching and Reiki which she can combines with Reiki, on our website.

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