Chinese Year of the Rooster 2017 Predictions

Wake up to a new Year!  Year for gatherings, primarily peaceful, overall there will be many demonstrations.  People will also have fun socializing.  Unpredictability of when protests may happen. Be aware that demonstrations will happen.

The Breakdown of structures that have been standing firm for a long time.  There will be changes in the way government is organized, the way people of vote, corporations being re-structured.  Great year for team building.

Good year for losing weight.  Will spend on smaller luxuries, people will budget.

Check mechanical things, get repairs made.

Countries who invade other territories not theirs will encounter protest and backlash.  Most of the time between countries there will be war of words.  Famous people and world leaders will be held accountable for what they express.  A lot of nationalism, people will hold onto views very strongly.

Domineering attitude will be frowned upon.  Not good year to lie and be able to get away with it, consequences will show up.  Introverts will do well and come forth into the public limelight, their voice will be heard and gain power.

Short term stocks will not do well in the long run.

Small/shorter travel trips this year.  Good year for entertainment, construction, remodeling, and local cooking restaurants.

Good year to start new business in the holistic health realm: Chinese medicine, ayurvedic, traditional healing systems.  Great year for art, jewelry, and anything that help people remember beauty, creativity, and whimsicallness.

Fitness shall be fun, slower, and softer: tai chi, yoga, ballroom dancing…  People will have fun getting in shape.  Cardiopulmonary system in people with issues will be affected, get treatment early, especially around pre-existing clotting issues.  Issues with the neurological system, nerves ampted up (already from last year).  Add essential fatty acids into the diet to help with the skin and nerves.  Brain will feel like it’s stuttering, ok if you have memory issues or difficulty finding words, it’s not permanent or dementia; it’s just a bad year for short term memory.

Important to meditate, deep breathing, rest more, eat light, good year for recovery, but have to make concerted effort.  Emotions will feel ragged.  Will be good year to catch migraines early and keep from progressing.  Kidney deficiency will show up as result from last year, hold off from doing knee and hip replacements.  There will be an overall blood supply deficiency so store up blood if you have to go thru surgery.  Eat bones broths and soups to support the Kidney energy.  Good year to nourish the Kidneys.

Intuition will be enhanced in people, we will be able to feel more other people’s feelings.  Good year to heal from feelings not expressed from the past.  Better for the shadow to come out than stay in, like Dr. Rosita Arvigo grandma’s saying “Better an empty apartment, than a bad tenant”

Psychological/Emotional imbalances • People will feel more irritated, critical and pickier than usual. • Perfectionism will emerge in previously easygoing people. • Many will feel scattered and confused. • Expect more fear and anxiety, also in animals. • Children may become afraid of the dark, give them a nightlight • People may feel sad a lot from a tired heart.

Good to support the liver: leafy greens, shoots; but liver problems will be mild.

Good year for charisma and charm in relationships.  Good year to connect with new people or reconnect with old ones.  Romanticism.  Cheerful year to enjoy small beautiful things.  Great year for personal creativity, will soothe the soul. Good year for getting together with family and friends in quieter more passive gatherings.  Is another good year for having children.

Previous years were bad for addiction, this year people will catch themselves sooner before escaping.

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