Virtual Services: Consultations & Coaching

The Armonia Health LLC team offers support for clients beyond our clinic walls, especially during these unprecedented times.  Our coaching and virtual consultation prices can be found HERE

Virtual Consultations with Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss

  1. Chinese herbal formulas and dietary recommendations for: immune and respiratory viral support, women’s reproductive and hormonal health, digestive health, lowering inflammatory markers, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure.  These consultations would benefit from coaching sessions with Channa Pickett, LMBT, to support the implementation of the recommendations.
  2. Arvigo(R) therapy virtual consultations are part of the initial consultation before coming into the clinic for the bodywork session and can be also be used as check ins in between the in-person sessions.  These sessions are used for Li-Lan to receive a more complete picture of the client, for the extensive educational teaching that is part of the Arvigo(R) therapy, and for review of the self-care practices recommended.
  3. Monthly or seasonal Chinese Five Element consultations can be used for learning about the Chinese Five Elements, balancing to the change in seasons, and embodying their associations to physical and emotional balance.  They include video material and online articles for integrating the tasks that are associated with the Element and the season.  Attending Tones for your Bones, Li-Lan and Alex’s virtual series based on the Chinese Five Element and Chinese philosophy, would greatly add to the understanding and practice of these principles.


Coaching & Support with Channa Pickett

With the support of the Armonia Health LLC team, you have the support to tackle your toughest health challenges. If you are ready to start or re-start your journey towards health, email or text me to schedule a free consultation. I’d love to hear about your needs and see how we could support you. I work with you and your acupuncturist and/or massage therapist to continue your healing outside of the clinic.

I help you set a clear goal and make a plan for reaching it. I follow up with you to see how your plan is working and, if needed, help you make changes to get back on track. I can also help you stay on track by checking in by text message every week or even every day. You decide what level of support you need.

Themes to choose from for your coaching support include: time management, habit integration practices that include: water intake, relaxation/deep breathing, movement/exercise, positive affirmations, sound sleep practices, dietary recommendations from your acupuncturist/medical professional.