From Tones for your Bones – Embodying Chinese Five Elements with Li-Lan and Alex Weiss

April 2020 on the online and virtual course:  Thank you for the fun Qigong class this morning.  I enjoyed all of it!  The music was wonderful and it was fun to learn about and see the instruments.  To me that music really helps my mind to focus and to feel the flow as I do the qigong.  I will be practicing the many things you taught us.   Thank you for sharing your gifts!  Jody Clapper, yoga instructor, Indiana

June 2019:  All five senses are stimulated – seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling.  There is a balance of yin and yang, slow and fast movements throughout the workshop.  I always feel both rejuvenated and relaxed as I welcome the changing of the seasons with Li-Lan and Alex and their “Tones for Your Bones” workshops.  There is amazing synergy and collaboration between Alex and Li-Lan that just works!  Each workshop is a beautiful, unique and joyful experience. I am grateful for today’s “Tones for Your Bones” summer workshop and look forward to future “Tones for Your Bones” workshops with each cycle of the changing of the seasons.  — Christine Cupido, Durham, NC

October 2017:  I am still reflecting and incorporating my delightful experience of this workshop ~ a renewed groundedness is still with me, along with a subtle peace and lightness that has replaced an undercurrent of worry and sadness. The combination of a tactile experience of each of the elements, plus a myriad of musical accompaniment and movement made for a significant shift in my consciousness in the first hour. Adding to this a fun and creative time to integrate and share with each other what our experience was easily helped to anchor it. Thank you LiLan, Alex and Shana and all the other participants for a great experience. ~ Christine McNally, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Ojai, CA

Thank you for a much needed respite today. I loved the workshop.  ~Ellen Booth Church, Childhood educator and Tibetan Buddhism teacher

  • From community acupuncture and Reiki client:  Armonia Health continues to be a haven of Healing for myself and the community around me. I slept so deep last night after my acupuncture and Reiki sessions and just felt overall more connected with myself. Thank you!  May 2018
From students in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy Self Care classes:

May 2018:

  • The class was very informative and helped me to remember to give praise and communicate the many things I use in practice and with myself.  After the class I gained more confidence in myself with creating the connection with my body that I have been disconnected from.  Li-Lan has a very healing energy about her and very knowledgeable.  LMBT & floatation spa owner
  • This practice is both moving and humbling.  Li-Lan made me feel safe, supported, and loved.  I’m so grateful to study this healing practice.  I’m looking forward to noticing my changes.  LMBT & doula

March 2015:

  • As a practitioner, I focused my thoughts prior to the class on how this could eventually integrate into my own practice. What I received was much more important: self-care, allowance, ritual, self explanation, enriching soul food, and real medicine. Thank you.  Nurse practitioner at Chapel Hill Women’s Birth and Wellness Center 
  • Dear Donna and LiLan,
    Many Thanks to an educational weekend that exceeded all expectations. So smooth, so powerful and what a refreshing experience! Truly I see myself following up with “Professional Training”. My craft and path of catering will evolve and change more.
    Thank You both for being the messenger and teacher.  Male LMBT in Winston-Salem, NC 
  • I am forever grateful to the powers that be for gifting me with such amazingly intelligent, kind, giving, wise women to learn from. The knowledge and spirit shared the last three days will be carried with me the rest of my life.
    There were so many parts of the workshop that inspired me, and I have no doubt that many more little gems will show themselves as I process the wisdom shared. My mind and heart expanded beyond measure this weekend.
    I thank you and I honor you both from the very core of my soul. You shared a light with me that will shine and shine from this life to the next.
    Many blessings, many belly rubs to you, Li-Lan and to you Donna, my honored healers


  • This class was great! Li-Lan wan an excellent teacher and the assistants (Donna and Yumi) were awesome! Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable, and receptive to questions. I have enjoyed every minute of this class and hope to further my education of this teaching. I am in love with the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy!! Awesome! This program is empowering, puts the power of healing in the hands of those who participate and facilitates an awakening unlike any other. I was expecting to learn and every minute I was able to learn something. I reconnected with myself, my uterus, and my center.
  • Thanks so much to Li-Lan for this workshop. She models very well the lessons that I am trying to learn for myself: self-care, gentleness with self, light-heartedness, spiritual connection. This weekend has helped me to start to understand what I need in life in order to be happy and healthy. Tools that I will use from this class: self-care massage, plant herb garden, made an altar this weekend, vaginal steam, herbal formula, faja support belt.  Health educator


From Li-Lan’s clients (more testimonials on her Bio page)

12/20/20 from Alba Onofrio (client since 2010)
To Li-Lan… a story of healing and reclamation: Where I came from, we had long lost the wisdom of the earth, the knowledge of the midwives… maybe it got buried in the coal mines with our uncles or drowned in alcohol like the sweetness of our men or maybe the church shamed it out of us or maybe we just weren’t paying attention amidst the bustle of life and babies as it slipped away- for whatever reason, healers to me included the white man doctor: the pediatrician, the surgeon at the hospital, the family practitioner who was a shitty doctor, but was “a real nice man”- well, and God of course, was a healer, but he would definitely go in the category of white man doctor… we certainly didn’t believe in that mumbo-jumbo of magic (except Disney) or “alternative” medicine or “eastern” something-arather… Li-Lan,  it’s been almost 20 years since I met you- working on bodies of immigrants that I loved so, on bruised and broken bodies with intense and powerful spirits, people I was honored to know b/c their passion for life and love and wholeness showed me the Divine. I saw you heal them. You were the first non western medicine person I ever trusted to touch me (much less put needles in me!). You cracked a door for me that took many years to open, but now I find myself surrounded by healers… of all sorts, find myself drawn to the identity of healer… I trust healers. We have our own work to do on ourselves, but as a people, as a community, as diverse as the wounds the world inflicts, we are the divine force of healing and justice that I believe in. Thank you for your love, your light, your commitment to our peoples. I love you, and I am forever grateful for your calm, loving, steadfast clarity in your craft and your dedication to it. You are a gift and a role model. Happy birthday. I am celebrating your life today.
From Aninda Valentini (client since 2012):  Li-lan is a born healer. She has an intuitive power that I’ve seen in few others. She listens deeply, tunes into her own gifts (which are plentiful) and focuses on you completely. Her calm, loving energy is a vehicle for her laser like healing power. Years ago, I was having a lot of issues I couldn’t explain post partum and her wisdom and healing not only helped clear my physical issues, but uncovered deeper metaphysical gifts in me that are still awake today. I have been to many doctors and practicioners in my life, but Li-Lan’s gifts are so unique and true, that the healing power that resonates from her is like none I’ve seen. As you watch her work it is clear she has answered her calling. After a session with Li-Lan, I often walk out feeling like I’m floating on a cloud (I even have to give myself some time before I start my car, because I’m in such a blissful state!) She is the real deal.
2008 My name is Amanda. About three years ago, my menstrual cycle shifted drastically: I was experiencing frequent bleeding, sometimes every 10 days and was having a lot of pain throughout almost all of my body. For two years, I went to doctor after doctor and none were able to provide a solution. I was very desperate and depressed, I did not know what to do, nor could I get pregnant, until I met Lilan through a presentation she gave at the Centro Hispano in Durham. She was also recommended by a friend who was being treated for infertility by her. I started my treatment with Lilan, and slowly the pain in my body started to diminish and so did the depression. The frequent menstrual bleeding improved a little and I decided to keep following the treatment of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Just when I was about to reach 1 year of treatment with Lilan, the unimaginable happened, I became pregnant! Thank you Lilan for your continuous efforts and much dedication! It was well worth the effort and patience to heal myself!
My husband and I have been married for 8 years and in the last 5 years have been actively trying to have a child but I was unable to get pregnant. We had various tests done and everything was okay, the last diagnosis that I was given was that I could have infertility due to unknown factors. We decided to start a hormonal treatment prescribed by a medical doctor, but it was frustrating to see my period come every month so I gave up on that treatment.
In May 2006, I had the opportunity to meet Lilan and learn about acupuncture through a talk she gave at the Centro Hispano in Durham where I work. I heard many positive things and decided to make an appointment with her. At my first session, we discussed in detail about my past and my clinical history. I started the treatment thinking this was the last thing I was going to try since I was already 37 years old and did not want to have a risky pregnancy, increase the chances of having a disabled baby, nor continue having false hopes.
I received weekly acupuncture sessions with Lilan for about four months. My wish was to improve my health so that I could get pregnant, but I also really enjoyed my sessions because I was giving time for myself to enjoy and to relax. At the end of four months, I was almost ready to give up because I was yet not pregnant. I asked Lilan how much longer I needed to continue when, 1-2 weeks later, I found out I had already been pregnant! I was so surprised and could not believe it! Thank God that today we have a beautiful and healthy baby girl!
–T. Hoffman, March 2007
Daily life presents us with a series of situations that we have to confront, situations that are easily overcome when our physical and mental health are well. When our health becomes seriously compromised, our social, work, and personal relationships around us are greatly affected. We can fall into despair and lose faith.
It in these moments of anguish when it is vital to count on someone who can give us the medical and moral support necessary to overcome difficult times; it’s in these moments that someone like Li-lan, with her sensitivity, spirituality, and effectiveness with which she applies her knowledge, can help us serenely and naturally regain the balance that we had lost.
Thank you,
Oscar Garcia Molina
Raleigh, NCbamboo
Hi Li-Lan,
Thank you so much for all your help and for being so compassionate! You are a true Healer! I really believe it. I felt so great after yesterday’s [abdominal massage] session. It felt like it does on Thanksgiving when you don’t realize you ate too much until you unbutton your pants and your belly suddenly feels freedom. I’m going to keep up the abdominal massage each night. I’m still amazed by the effects of your acupuncture treatment on my shoulder. I’ve also shared my experience with some friends who are interested in coming to see you.
Thanks for all that you do for people and for your powerful and pure intention!
It’s very nice to meet people in this world who maintain a balance between their professional, personal, and spiritual life because this reflects in their work.
For me, Lilan sets an example that I admire and appreciate. I admire her knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and am thankful that with these therapies I have seen positive results on my skin, I have been able to relax more easily, and have seen clear results through my sessions with her.
I believe that in our sickness, people need someone in the health profession to listen to them and offer human guidance.
Thank you for everything Li-lan.

Adriana Suarez, Cosmetologist, Raleigh NC