Jess Taylor, Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist

Jess Taylor studied at Healing Mountain Massage school located Salt Lake City, UT in 2015.  She moved to North Carolina in 2017 and is currently licensed to practice in both states.  She stands by the belief that every body has the ability to heal itself. Her approach to massage and the healing arts aids clients in accessing this knowledge.  Through her many tools, she aims to calm one’s nervous system and address areas of stagnation and disruption within her client’s body.  She is certified in several types of massage and energy work including: Swedish, Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki and more.  While practicing deep listening; each session with Jess is always different, intuitive, and unique to the individual’s current needs.


She’s had great success working with clients suffering from headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, insomnia, anxiety, chronic inflammation, chronic sinus issues/pressure, and more.

Jess worked with a community acupuncture clinic in Utah for many years where she began as a patient, then a volunteer, on to front desk staff, then eventually opened her massage practice alongside her fellow healers.  She strongly believes in community and that we all should have access to affordable healthcare and a wide array of healing professions.  She is very excited to bring her knowledge and skills to share with Armonia Health and continue to grow and learn with and from the community here.

Jess has felt called to the healing arts since a young age.  Whether she found herself as a child listening to the waves of the California coastline, sitting with the Redwoods, or creating Flower Essences from her backyard garden in Utah, Jess is always infusing the magic of nature and biorhythms into her life and practices.  Jess finds beauty in the ordinary and it is this simple approach that she brings into her massage and bodywork sessions.  She is honored to work with everyone who shows up on her table, no matter where they come from and what they may be in need of.