Workshops with Li-Lan

Tones for your Bones with Live Music with Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss & Alex Weiss

A reflective musical experience incorporating Chinese Five element meditation, poetry, Qi gong, creative movement, and Earth-honoring rituals.  A collaboration between Li-Lan and multi-instrumentalist and composer Alex Weiss.  This workshop is for those interested in meditation, self-awareness, mindfulness practices, reflective music, creative movement, grounding rituals to honor Nature, and creativity.  It is also a great way to learn and deepen in one’s connection to the elements in a fun and embodied way. Workshop may incorporate journaling, drawing, and group sharing to integrate the experience.  Past workshops have included collaboration with classically-trained vocalist Shana Adams.

Past workshops since 2016 have been in dance and yoga studios in Bisbee & Flagstaff, AZ; Santa Fe, NM; Connecticut, at Health Touch NC LLC, Oasis Cafe, and Watersong PeaceChamber in the Durham, NC area and Colima, Mexico.  Several 30 minute pieces were presented for Nasher Art Museum’s Matterings of the Mind exhibit June 2017.  Tones for your Bones are scheduled 4-5 per year around the four seasons, these workshops have been offered regularly at Armonia Health LLC since 2017.  Their last in-person workshop was held in February 2020 in Ajijic, Mexico.

Tones for your Bones has been offered virtually through the closure of the Armonia Health LLC clinic to in person appointments between March and May 2020 and has continued through 2020.

You can subscribe to Tones for your Bones YouTube Channel for Qi Gong with Li-Lan, music videos with Alex & Li-Lan, Five Element playlists.  Follow their Facebook for workshop updates and fun posts.

Upcoming VIRTUAL TONES FOR YOUR BONES: Meditations set to live acoustic music

To Pay and Register for the Five Week Series starting Monday October 19th 10-11 am through November 16, 2020 Go HERE



April 2020 on the online and virtual course:  Thank you for the fun Qigong class this morning.  I enjoyed all of it!  The music was wonderful and it was fun to learn about and see the instruments.  To me that music really helps my mind to focus and to feel the flow as I do the qigong.  I will be practicing the many things you taught us.   Thank you for sharing your gifts!  Jody Clapper, yoga instructor, Indiana

June 2019:  All five senses are stimulated – seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling.  There is a balance of yin and yang, slow and fast movements throughout the workshop.  I always feel both rejuvenated and relaxed as I welcome the changing of the seasons with Li-Lan and Alex and their “Tones for Your Bones” workshops.  There is amazing synergy and collaboration between Alex and Li-Lan that just works!  Each workshop is a beautiful, unique and joyful experience. I am grateful for today’s “Tones for Your Bones” summer workshop and look forward to future “Tones for Your Bones” workshops with each cycle of the changing of the seasons.  — Christine Cupido, Durham, NC

October 2017:  I am still reflecting and incorporating my delightful experience of this workshop ~ a renewed groundedness is still with me, along with a subtle peace and lightness that has replaced an undercurrent of worry and sadness. The combination of a tactile experience of each of the elements, plus a myriad of musical accompaniment and movement made for a significant shift in my consciousness in the first hour. Adding to this a fun and creative time to integrate and share with each other what our experience was easily helped to anchor it. Thank you LiLan, Alex and Shana and all the other participants for a great experience. ~ Christine McNally, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Ojai, CA

Thank you for a much needed respite today. I loved the workshop.  ~Ellen Booth Church, Childhood educator and Tibetan Buddhism teacher

Embracing Your Flow: Our menstrual cycles, gifts of Chinese medicine and yoga with Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss and Jenna Staples

This 4-hour workshop focuses on understanding and utilizing the power and gifts of the four phases of the menstrual cycle. Menstruation has many more effects on the body than those experienced during one week of bleeding. By understanding the effects of the menstrual cycle hormones on our energy levels, mood, and creativity we can embrace these changes and use them to our advantage, living more fully in our cyclic bodies. 

Licensed acupuncturist, Arvigo® certified practitioner & instructor, and Chinese herbalist Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss will lead an introduction into Chinese medicine’s view of the womb and its connection to the heart and emotions, providing tips for vibrant health in each phase of the cycle. Jenna Staples, certified physician assistant and yoga instructor, will discuss the physiology of hormones throughout the menstrual cycle and lead participants through four simple yoga sequences uniquely designed to balance the body in each phase. This workshop will provide tangible tools for embracing the gifts and challenges of living with the ebb and flow of female hormones and is open to all.  Each phase will be presented in an experiential manner that allows for discussion and integration of the information.

Upcoming dates:  Saturday January 26, 2019 Register HERE

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® with Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss

1) Self Care Class Level 1- A 2.5 day transformational learning experience
Open the general public.  This class also offers continuing education credits through the The Arvigo Institute LLC, a licensed provider of this course for NCBTMB massage therapists (17.5 CE Hours), NCCAOM licensed acupuncturists (18 PDA Points), and MEAC midwives (17 hours).

You will learn in this transformative hands-on class focused on self-care:
• A simple, non-invasive abdominal self-massage technique that provides relief for various menstrual and hormonal symptoms in women, common digestive disorders, benign prostate enlargement in men, urinary complaints, and improves overall health
• Reproductive and digestive anatomy and physiology of women and men
• Causes of various reproductive and digestive issues
• Herbs, nutrition, and self-care tools to support the abdominal massage
• Ancient Maya techniques for mind, body, and spirit connection

Click here for Evaluations from students in the Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy Self Care class

Li-Lan talks to Brodie Welch on her podcast: A Healthy Curiosity about Healing through our Belly:  Intersection of Chinese medicine and Mayan abdominal massage broadcast on 10/11/2016.  It is Li-Lan’s personal story of studying with Dr. Rosita Arvigo and incorporating Mayan abdominal massage and spiritual healing into her practice.  Click here Mayan abdominal therapy

2) Hands on Health the Maya Way – One day introductory workshop
Open to the general public.  This course also offers continuing education credits for massage therapists (NCBTMB 7 CE Hours) and licensed acupuncturists (NCCAOM 8 PDA)

You will learn in this introductory hands-on class:
• A simple, non-invasive abdominal self-massage technique that provides relief for various menstrual and hormonal symptoms in women, common digestive disorders, benign prostate enlargement in men, urinary complaints, and improves overall health
• Basic reproductive and digestive anatomy and physiology of women and men
• Causes of various reproductive and digestive issues
This one day course is helpful to those who are non-practitioners or would like to know more about these techniques before committing to the Professional training.

3)  Hands on Health the Maya Way- Mothers and Daughters

You will learn in this hands-on class geared for mothers and daughters (age 12-18):
• A simple, non-invasive abdominal self-massage technique that provides relief for various menstrual and hormonal discomforts, common digestive & urinary complaints, and improves overall health
• Creative ways of understanding the menstrual cycle
• Fun way of understanding uterine ligaments & women’s reproductive organs
• Causes of various reproductive and digestive issues
Class is open to all though geared towards mothers and daughters

No Mother and Daughters class is scheduled at this time, if you are interested in hosting this class, contact Li-Lan for more details.

4)  Hands on Health Foundations in Health and Wellness

This one day class is geared to the general public and does not offer continuing education credits.  It focuses on learning and practicing the self care abdominal massage and offers plenty of time for fun learning and integration of the material.  The two Special Focus classes that Li-Lan teaches are Women’s Health and Wellness, and Digestive Wellness.  Upcoming courses:

Saturday October 12:  Women’s Health and Wellness.  More information and registration HERE

Saturday December 14:  Digestive Wellness.  More information and registration HERE

Contact Li-Lan if you are an acupuncturist and interested in knowing how she incorporates the Arvigo® techniques and Oriental medicine.

Womb Blessing Meditation

     Gather with other women and young girls for an afternoon of sisterhood!
     The Worldwide Womb Blessing Attunement is offered by Miranda Gray and the Moon Mothers who have trained with her at the full moon five times per year. This distant attunement is offered free of charge for anyone who registers on the website and chooses one of the four times to practice the womb blessing meditation.
    We will be gathering as a community to connect to the sacredness of the feminine nature within through a womb tree meditation and receiving the womb blessing attunement from Miranda Gray and the worldwide Moon Mothers.
Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss was initiated as a Moon Mother Level 1 by Miranda Gray in 2015 and has been sharing Miranda’s teachings as a complement to teaching about female reproductive health and in sessions as womb healings and womb blessings.
Next Gathering:  Thursday December 12, 2019 at 12:30 pm or 6:30 pm.  Register HERE

Chinese Medicine & Women’s Health Book Club

Tap into and learn about women’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health from a Chinese medicine perspective, this book club is practical and informative.  Past book club has read and discussed Xiaolan Zhao’s Ancient Healing for Modern Women:  Traditional Chinese Medicine for All Aspects of a Woman’s Life.  Meets five times for 1.5 hours.  Contact Li-Lan if you are interested in organizing a group; can meet at Armonia Health LLC or another location.

Qi Gong and Acupressure

Embody the wisdom of over 2000 years of Chinese medicine with relaxing & practical techniques for mind, body, and emotional balance. We will learn the Chinese Five elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal through Animal Qi Gong postures and acupressure and it’s association with the 12 primary meridians. This class is focused on self awareness and embodying an understanding of Qi (energy) movement in oneself and as a group.  Li-Lan’s Qi Gong and acupressure classes have also incorporated creative movement and live music with her husband Alex Weiss.

6 week or weekend Five Element Qi Gong and Acupressure    Dates TBA


Belly Self-Care using Massage and Acupressure

Two hour workshop for the general public.  Learn simple yet powerful self-care tools for the physical and emotional well-being of the belly.  The first part of the workshop will be a short PowerPoint presentation of the anatomy and physiology of the abdominal organs, the nervous system in the gut, traditional uses of Maya abdominal massage, and Chinese meridians that connect to the liver, stomach, pancreas, intestines, and reproductive organs and its associated emotions.  The second part will be hands-on to learn acupressure points and a simple abdominal massage technique.   Handouts will be provided, PowerPoint presentation available.  Contact Li-Lan if you’d like to host this workshop or have Li-Lan speak about this topic.

Past workshop: February 4, 2016 at Grow Well NC in Chapel Hill.

For workshops in Spanish/para nuestros cursos en español visite Cursos en Español