Co-Active Coaching

The Co-Active coaching model as defined by The Coaches Training Institute “… is more than a model, it is a map to live a fuller and integrated life.” It is the integration of being (Co) and doing (Active). It is a process that seeks the balance between being aware of oneself and honoring who we are while connecting with other people and creating the life we ​​want.

Co-Active coaching is an alliance between the coach and the client. This type of coaching is based on the premise that the person is creative, complete, autonomous and has great resources. The client is the expert in her personal and professional life. It is a client-centric, forward-looking process.

Armonia Health LLC’s coach Raquel Dominguez accompanies her client in this process by actively listening to the client and creating a space where the person feels safe to discuss their ideas without feeling judged. The coach “dances in the moment” with the client by being flexible and using her intuition to adjust to her client’s needs. The coach helps the client through questions and different activities to clarify goals, to find answers to the challenges the client is facing, to discover resources which the client already has and to create action plans that will lead the client to achieve their goals.

In short, this is a journey towards self-discovery and self-reflection that helps people feel more balanced and integrated in their lives. The tools that are obtained in this process can be used again and again in different situations of life.

Call our office (919) 251-9698 for an appointment or use our online calendar to book an Initial Co-Active coaching session with Raquel.  All coaching sessions include a free 30 minute Discovery Coaching conversation with Raquel.