Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss & Armonía Health LLC has a NEW location at 1911 Hillandale Road Suite 1230 in Durham, North Carolina 27705.  Join our newsletter in the box below for upcoming events and info on wellness & Chinese medicine.

Armonía Health LLC offers therapies that integrate body, mind, and spirit for holistic physical and emotional wellbeing.  Our current offerings are: sliding scale community acupunctureOriental Medicine, Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, and Energy healing We honor each person’s individual journey and help empower clients to make proactive lifestyle choices.

Our vision is to provide compassionate, professional care in an inclusive setting that respects social, cultural, religious, and gender ­­­views.  Our practitioners are Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss, English & Spanish speaking licensed acupuncturist and certified Arvigo® practitioner and instructor; Austin Dixon, licensed acupuncturist specializing in community style acupunture and Raquel Dominguez, Spanish & English speaking Co-Active coach and Reiki practitioner.  All our practitioners are committed to serving our diverse community with compassion.

We are the first acupuncture and holistic health practice in our area with a licensed Spanish-speaking acupuncturist since 2005.  We hope to expand offerings of quality mind-body therapies to the Spanish-speaking community in 2017.

We are here to support our community and invite you to step forward boldly to heal your body, mind, and spirit!

What’s new?

Grand Opening Open House on April 8, 2017 was a fun and meaningful event attended by a diverse community of clients, practitioners, friends & family.  Check out our blog post HERE for pictures, a wonderful review from one of our caterers, and video clips soon of our heartfelt speakers at the Open House!

Our community acupuncturist Austin Dixon led our kickoff Pay-What-You-Can community acupuncture fundraiser on April 1 to benefit UNC Social Work Department’s Refugee Mental Health and Wellness Initiative.  $300 were donated to them at the end of that day!  It was great team work with Austin volunteering her time and Monica Paredes helping at the front desk. Our next Saturday fundraiser will be offered by Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss on May 6 from 10-4 pm.  The May 6 fundraiser will benefit The Freelon ALS fund: Design a World without ALS for the Duke ALS clinic.

Armonía Health LLC WELCOMES Austin Dixon to expand our sliding scale community acupuncture!  This model of acupuncture is back by popular demand from our community and comes from our sincere wish to serve our community in Durham and surrounding areas with quality, affordable acupuncture.  View here to learn more about community acupuncture and Oriental medicine.  Austin will be taking community acupuncture clients Wednesdays 8:00-12 noon. Contact our office number (919) 251-9698 to schedule your appointment.  Austin offers initial sessions this spring 2017 for a flat fee of $40 to clients who have previously seen Austin or Li-Lan for acupuncture. 

Li-Lan talks to Brodie Welch on her podcast: A Healthy Curiosity about Healing through our Belly:  Intersection of Chinese medicine and Mayan abdominal massage.  It is Li-Lan’s personal story of studying with Dr. Rosita Arvigo and incorporating Mayan abdominal massage and spiritual healing into her practice.  Click here Mayan abdominal therapy